This Picture Of Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray Is 2016’s Answer To The Dress

Ok, I lied, this picture is actually from 2013, but it’s only properly hit its internet stride in the last couple of days. Just like the white and gold dress from 2015 – the one some jokers insisted was black and blue – this pic is causing people serious issues, because at first glance it’s actually impossible to tell who is in it. And on second glance. And on third glance.

First I’m sure those are Tom Hanks’ eyebrows. Then I realise the eyes are almost definitely Bill Murray’s. But the curvature of the mouth – that’s got Hanks written all over it, hasn’t it? Hang on a minute – is ‘Bill Murray Or Tom Hanks With Crying Baby’ the greatest photo ever? I’m not saying it is but, like, is it?

He met Bill Murray. Submitted by: Laura …

He met Bill Murray. Submitted by: Laura R. Location: St. Andrew’s, Scotland

If you really want to spoil the philosophical beauty of the photo, you can read the BBC’s correspondence with Laura DiMichele-Ross, the woman in the photo who submitted it to the Reasons My Son Is Crying Facebook page. “It’s totally Bill,” she wrote. “I can vouch cause I”m the one in the photo with a massive grin thinking ‘oh my god this is going to be an awesome photo'”.