10 times people dropped the C-bomb on TV

A slip of the tongue that just keeps happening

Jeremy Hunt is back in the news, after Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle controversially left him standing as Health Minister even after the way he dealt with the junior doctors’ strike in 2016. This means reporters are once again accidentally calling him Jeremy Cunt live on television, and it’s got us thinking of times people had a similar slip of the tongue on TV. Here’s 10 of the best – starting with Jeremy Cunt, obviously.

1. Harriet Harman MP on Question Time

Back in 2012, the then-Deputy Leader of the Labour Party expressed her surprise that Jeremy Cunt had been made Health Minister. Everyone tacitly agrees with her choice of name.


2. Sky News reporter introducing Beth Rigby


Here’s a clip from Sunday, June 11, 2017, when Sky News’ Claudia-Liza Armah made the same slip. You have to wait until the end to hear it.

3. Sky News do it again

This time it’s Sarah-Jane Mee’s turn.


4. Sky News’ Jon Craig

Sky News strike again. It’s almost getting suspicious now.

5. Random passer-by, also on Sky News


During Kay Burley’s report following David Cameron’s resignation after the EU Referendum in June 2016, this disgruntled Boris Johnson hater gave her an earful of the c-word.


6. BBC News’ Norman Smith

In 2015 the BBC reporter was talking about Nigel Farage when he referred to the UKIP politician’s ‘personality cunt’. Cult! He meant cult.

7. David Hasselhoff on Britain’s Got Talent

It’s not totally clear what’s happening here but it sounds suspiciously like Hasselhoff called this lady a cunt for some reason.

8. BBC Breakfast‘s Bill Turnbull

Good old Bill, who quit Breakfast in 2016, was talking about clients when he made the slip. What’s so beautiful about this one is how he pauses before dropping the c-bomb. It’s like every fibre of his being is telling him not to, but he does it anyway.

9. BBC’s Alex Deakin

“By and large,” this weatherman happily exclaimed in February 2012, “it’s simply and lovely winter’s day tomorrow. Bucketloads of cunt.” In a lovely bit of recovery he added: “…er, sunshine. Across central and eastern areas.”

10. Jane Fonda

Talking about the Vagina Monologues in February 2008, the then 70-year-old actor revealed that she’d been asked to do a monologue called “Cunt”. The Today programme swiftly apologised.


Also from last weekend (June 11) is this near-slip from BBC News’ Ellie Price, who magically corrects herself into saying something like “Jeremy Cub”. Respect.

All this goes to prove is that it’s easily done. Presenters beware.