33 secret ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House

There are plenty of obvious things to scare you in The Haunting of Hill House, from bent-neck ladies lurking by the bed to dead mothers returning with flaky faces, but Netflix’ mega-hit is also teeming with secret things to scare you. Every episode has ghosts hidden in the background of a few scenes, like highly unwelcome easter eggs. We’re sure there are more to be found, but here are 33 we spotted and where you can find them.

  1. The face in the stairs

Haunting of Hill House ghosts

Episode 1 – 00.00.51

Before we’ve even met the Cranes we’ve met a ghost. In the first shot inside Hill House the camera takes in the grand staircase. Just visible between two of the rails is a small pale face.

  1. Watching through the window


Haunting of Hill House ghosts

Episode 1 – 00.02.10

Shortly before Nell first encounters the bent-neck lady, a ghostly face watches her from the window. It’s very hard to see, so we’ve lightened up the image to scare you properly.

  1. Man in the doorway

Haunting of Hill House ghosts

Episode 1 – 00.33.30

Another one that’s barely visible, but definitely there. When Steve and his dad are hiding from something on the other side of the door, they fail to notice there’s something already in the room with them.

  1. Twins


Hill House ghosts

Episode 1 – 00.35.04

As Steve and his dad flee the house, a pair of clearly visible figures watch them from beside the stairs.

  1. The shy ghost

Episode 1 – 00.50.39

While Olivia stands in the kitchen doorway, a ghostly figure peeks at her from behind a large cupboard.

  1. A face in the garden

Episode 2 – 00.04.19

It looks like a lovely day from the view of the garden behind Shirley, but only until you notice the tiny figure staring at her from the bushes and ruining everything.

7. Dining room creeper

Episode 2 – 00.04.48

Ghosts love to hang out under that chandelier in the dining room. One watches Olivia and Shirley as they discuss the house.

  1. The face in the door

Episode 3 – 00.09.54

This one’s really creepy. Look on the right to spot a face peeking through a glass panel in the door to watch Theo.

  1. The bold ghost

Hill House ghost

Episode 3 – 00.16.24

This one doesn’t even have the decency to hide in the darkness. There’s a very tall figure clearly standing behind the doorway, watching Theo and Luke.

  1. The listener

Kitchen Ghost Hill House

Episode 3 – 00.18.27

When Theo and Luke are playing with the dumbwaiter, a blonde-haired ghosts listens from the room next door.

  1. The tall lady

Hill House Haunted Tall Lady

Episode 3 – 00.28.31

Until you know it’s there, this one is hard to spot. Then it’s all you can see. On the left side, behind the glass door, you can see the arm of a tall woman.

  1. Basement ghost

Hill house ghosts

Episode 3 – 00.29.13

Much clearer is this miserable guy, visible between the steps when Theo opens the trap door to the basement.

  1. Return of the dining room creeper

Episode 3 – 00.38.23

That ghost who likes hanging out under the chandelier? She’s back again.

  1. The bald man

Episode 3 – 00.39.41

Look in that doorway behind Theo and there you’ll see a very upsetting bald figure.

  1. Long-haired lady

Episode 3 – 00.39.52

Behind Olivia you can just about see a long-haired woman standing in the shadows.

  1. The man by the red lamp

Episode 3 – 00.50.58

As Hugh, Nell and Luke run down the hall there is a figure clearly watching them on the left-hand side, behind the red lamp.

  1. Ghost by the window

Episode 3 – 00.51.12

Another that you can’t see unless the image is very bright, but with the lights up you can plainly see there’s something watching Hugh next to the window.

  1. The tall ghost

Episode 4 – 00.08.23

There’s something very big standing on the right of that hallway

  1. She’s back again

Episode 4 – 00.08.38

That blonde ghost absolutely loves a chandelier. Here she is hanging out under another one, perving on an intimate moment between Hugh and Olivia.

  1. The little hand

Episode 4 – 00.13.18

Cast your eyes over to the glass-windowed cupboard on the left, then down a little. Spot the small figure with its hand on the window pane?

  1. Two tall men

Episode 4 – 00.14.30

Another pair of big ghosts, silhouetted in the doorway to the right of the staircase.

  1. White-face man

Episode 5 – 00.03.03

As Olivia tries to comfort Nell and convince her there’s nothing to be afraid of, there’s something to be afraid of directly behind her.

  1. Girl in the door

Episode 5 – 00.03.39

Another one who loves to lurk behind Olivia, there’s a skinny girl in the doorway.

  1. HANDS!!


Episode 5 – 00.22.02

If you spotted this one yourself it probably scared the life out of you. Under the piano you can see the hands of something that looks ready to pounce.

  1. Watching

Episode 7 – 00.38.21

When Hugh makes an angry attempt to try to get into the red room, something is unhappily watching him from the room next door.

  1. Long-haired spectator

Episode 7 – 00.49.39

Just to beef up the scariness of the scene where Hugh finds a body in the wall, there’s a woman watching him from behind a wall as he works.

  1. And she’s back again

Episode 7 – 00.50.16

She sticks around to watch the police investigating the dead body, gripping the wall behind them with a very cold looking hand.

  1. Man in the arch

Episode 9 – 00.01.27

As the series nears its end the ghosts seem to get bolder and easier to see. That big guy in he archway is barely hidden.

  1. Woman in the kitchen

Episode 9 – 00.08.29

And this lady watching from the glass kitchen cupboard isn’t hiding herself at all. She’s every bit as clear as Luke’s reflection beneath her.

  1. A little stranger

Episode 9 – 00.35.51

It’s possible we’re now so paranoid we’re seeing things everywhere, but is there a small figure standing in the doorway to the right of Hugh?

  1. A black-eyed man

Episode 9 – 00.35.59

This one is horribly vivid. In the doorway to the right of the stairs there is a massive man with black eyes, brazenly standing in the light.

  1. A big man

Episode 9 – 00.39.39

Initially we thought this might just be a clock, but that shape in the doorway appears to have legs. Clocks do not have legs.

  1. It’s behind you, Steven

Episode 10 – 00.52.52

Steven was always skeptical about the ghosts in Hill House, but there is one very clearly visible over his shoulder when he returns to his childhood home.

Spotted any others? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.