This Amazing Danny Dyer ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Supercut Is Worth 90 Seconds Of Your Time

Last night (November 24), Danny Dyer bossed perhaps the finest ever episode of the surprisingly sexy BBC1 family history show Who Do You Think You Are?

In it, he came across as a frankly adorable cockney who loved his family, who, it just so happened, turned out to be actual, proper royalty. Yep, Danny Dyer of EastEnders and personal appearances at Essex nightclubs fame is a direct descendent of King Edward III and, as such, loads and loads more royals. He’s also related to King Henry VIII’s right hand man Thomas Cromwell. Not bad for a Hackney boy.

If you didn’t happen to watch the hour of glorious telly, then fear not, as Twitter user @achinglychic has made an incredible supercut of all the most Danny Dyer-esque moments from last night’s show. Sure, you won’t learn much about Danny’s genealogy, but you will get to hear him bantering his way around east London, like the beautiful charisma machine he is.

Click below, for the most amusing minute and a half you’ll experience all day.

Glorious, isn’t it? A showreel for true talent. The kind of thing you’ll show your kids in year’s to come.

Danny Dyer – a proper legend, and now a king, too.