‘American Horror Story: Cult’ episode 9: You won’t believe Ally’s badass transformation

She's gone from scaredy-cat to an ice queen with nerves of steel

For weeks, Ally Mayfair-Richards has been the poster girl for nearly every phobia in existence. Scary clowns, holes in the ground, gory blood… you name it, she’s scared of it. Those fears only intensified as the cult targeted her, terrorising her in her home, her business and at the supermarket, until she was a mess of nerves. You couldn’t imagine her ever getting back to a place of strength and normalcy

But hang on a second – something amazing’s happened. In this week’s episode of American Horror Story, Ally is completely transformed. Where last week she showed some signs of resilience, ratting out Dr. Vincent to his brother and cult leader Kai in return for his help in getting her son back, now she’s a full on ice queen – scared of nothing and ready to take down anyone standing in her way. She’s cunning and conniving, recast from terrified to terrifying.

How has she made such a dramatic turnaround? The answer, she tells Ivy over one particularly eventful dinner, is revenge. After the mass shooting, Ally was placed in a psych ward – something that had a profound effect on her, not least because her wife didn’t come to visit her once. “Tonight, we start over,” Ally tells her partner over what Ivy thinks is a reconciliatory meal. But that fresh start isn’t what she might have hoped for.

“The thought of revenge is what cured me,” Ally says moments before Ivy starts coughing up blood and ends up frozen on the kitchen floor, her wife enjoying and savouring every last second of watching her die. Ivy isn’t the only one she’s out for revenge on, and it’s proof of how far she’s come that Ally is willing to go after Kai, who now has an army of minions who call him “divine ruler” doing his bidding. She manipulates him into believing Oz is his son – perhaps a risky move that could put the child in extreme danger ,were Ally’s plan to come a cropper – and cooly enters into his fantasy world where the three of them are the perfect family.

All this drama has fans’ minds racing. Ally seems unstoppably powerful now – even more so with Kai protecting her. Is she about to overthrow the blue-haired leader and take control of the cult for herself? If that happens, Kai, Winter, Beverly and anyone else who has wronged her might want to start running now.