‘American Horror Story: Cult’ episode 10 revealed the real reason Kai started the cult – and it’s not what you think

Another unexpected twist in this complex tale

There’s only one episode left to come in Cult so it makes sense that some of the truth behind this season’s events is starting to come out. The last few episodes have been slowly revealing more about leader Kai Anderson and his motivations, including his parents’ murder-suicide, but none of that could have left you expecting the twist in the latest instalment.

At long last, we now know the real reason Kai started the cult and it involves Bebe Babbitt – S.C.U.M. leader Valerie Solanas’ apparent protégé from episode seven. As it turns out, that part of her story was true, but she also had another reason for knowing the blue-haired man wreaking havoc on Brookfield, Michigan. Bebe was his anger management counsellor, who he first started seeing after hitting Winter’s friend during a heated debate about the election.

Instead of helping him deal with his rage, though, Bebe had other plans – to use Kai for her own ends. A loyal servant of Valerie’s long after her death, she manipulated her patient into unleashing “female rage”, imagining the cult as the thing that would finally end the patriarchy and lead to women “having no choice but to lash out and cut up every man they see”. Kai went along with it, and now the events of episode seven – where he seemingly orchestrated a mini uprising by the women of the cult – make a whole lot more sense.


But, even with only one episode to go, it’s still too early for AHS to just give us an explanation for everything and leave it at that. Extreme feminism may have been the initial reason behind the cult’s beginnings, but it’s certainly not the motivation behind it now, as an angry Bebe finds out when she pays her servant a little visit. Reunited, she chastises him for “enraging everyone” instead of just the women, but Kai sets her straight – that was his intention. “Did you think I was going to drown myself in female rage?” he tells her. “That I would die a martyr for some dead bitch’s cause? Fuck that.”

With a speech denouncing women as “too emotional” to run things and “hysterical”, he shows his true colours once more and ends up with Bebe stood over him with a gun, threatening to “shoot his dick off” in Valerie’s name. Ally saves him, but for how much longer will the increasingly unpredictable and paranoid cult leader be able to survive?


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