Animaniacs is coming back and these people can’t deal

Zany to the max

Which cult kids series won more Emmys than The Wire, had a full 35-piece orchestra and reportedly cost half a million per episode to make? That’s right, Animaniacs.

The wacky variety show pulled in millions of viewers during its heyday, birthing some of the most iconic cartoon characters in history. Pinky and The Brain, Slappy Squirrel and Minerva Mink all made their debuts on Animaniacs before its cancellation in 1998. But now, 25 years after they first graced our screens, Yakko, Wakko, Dot and the gang are coming back.

US streaming platform Hulu has teamed up with Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. to make two brand new seasons. There’s no word on when the new episodes will air, but Steven Spielberg is returning as executive producer and all of the originals are available to watch on Hulu right now.


The news has got some ‘90s kids in a right state. Here’s some of Twitter’s most over-the-top reactions (GET READY FOR CAPS):


But they better not fuck it up

People are remembering the show’s educational value too (sort of)

And who could forget the moment global pop culture peaked on a kids cartoon:

Still not convinced? Then here’s late acting legend Orson Welles reading the full announcement. You’re welcome.