This is ‘the best Simpsons episode ever’ – according to a huge Twitter poll


There’s no stopping The Simpsons. Though we firmly believe that the show is way past it’s best years (soz), creator Matt Groening doesn’t appear to care one jot. There’s talk of a sequel to The Simpsons film and Ed Sheeran is signed on to appear in a new episode.

But while the endless memes and actually-quite-terrifying ability to predict the future rumble on – the discussion about the best Simpsons episode ever may have just been solved once and for all. That’s if this extensive Twitter poll is to be believed.

Comedy writer Thom Phipps (Fried, Asylum) has undertaken the noble task of creating ‘The Simpsons World Cup’ – a round-robin tournament to discover the people’s favourite ever Simpsons episode.


Starting on July 14, Phipps selected 32 of the show’s most critically acclaimed episodes and whittled them down via endless polls.

And after thousands of votes, your winner is…

Yep: it’s Marge V The Monorail. The iconic episode features the hilarious ‘The Monorail Song’, the shady Lyle Lanley character and a guest star appearance from Leonard Nimoy.

Last Exit To Springfield – where Homer stages a strike at the Powerplant narrowly lost – and people aren’t best pleased.


So how’s Phipps taking the backlash?

As you were, Twitter.