Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk talks the return of Gus Fring and more familiar faces from ‘Breaking Bad’

When NME spoke to Better Call Saul’s star Bob Odenkirk in Berlin last month, he wasn’t able to say much about the plot of the Breaking Bad spinoff’s third series. But he did spill the beans on a few things: for one, he talked us through how his character of Jimmy McGill is slowly becoming Saul Goodman. He also explained what Gus Fring is doing back on our screens – and he teased the return of other Breaking Bad characters. “Think about Gus Fring,” he told us. “Think about who is in his world, maybe people with him or rivals or people he did business with. Then think about how this is a few years before, and it’s still the same world of people – it’s not that big of a community, Albuquerque. Maybe some of those people would be in that world…”

Better Call Saul season 3 arrives on Netflix on April 11.