‘On My Block’ Season 3: Plot, Cast, Trailers, Release Date and Everything we Know so Far

The second season of On My Block premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 29. Similarly to the first season, season 2 finishes with a major cliff-hanger and leaves the fans shocked and begging for a renewal of the series.

How did On My Block season 2 end?

 The final episode of the second season of On My Block ends with a scene, where Monse reveals to Cesar, Jamal and Ruby that she will be leaving Freeridge to transfer to an all-girls boarding school. The announcement causes an argument between friends and Mose angrily walks away from the group. While she is reconsidering looking back at her friends, they are being kidnapped by a group of men. When she finally turns back and realises that Jamal, Cesar and Ruby are gone someone puts a black bag on her head and takes her away too.

What will be the On My Block season 3 release date on Netflix?

Netflix still hasn’t announced whether there will be another season of On the Block, however the co-creator of the show Lauren Iungerich seems to be positive about the future of the series. “Netflix loves this show, we love this show, we’re hopeful we’ll get another season”, she said to TV Guide. Netflix tends to make the decision on renewing their shows around 4 weeks after the release of a new season, so hopefully we will find out whether there will be another season of On the Block before the end of April!

Are there any trailers for On My Block season 3?

Sadly, there are no trailers for the potential third season, but for now we get to enjoy these posts by the cast celebrating the release of the second season.

Who will be in the cast for On My Block season 3?

The ending of the second season suggests that all the main cast would be returning in a potential new season. Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar Diaz, captioned his recent Instagram post saying: “Thank you to all the fans for being there. I love you all & promise you it’s only the beginning of a long ride”, so hopefully that means On the Block will be back with all the current members of the cast to continue this coming-of-age story.

 Are they auditioning for new cast for On My Block season 3?

There are no official announcements about castings for season three, but the show has hosted open calls for certain roles in the past, so it’s very possible they will be looking for people after season 3 is confirmed. Watch out for potential announcement in a month!

What will be on the soundtrack for On My Block season 3?

Considering the incredible soundtracks from both seasons of On the Block, season 3 will have big shoes to fill. There are no official statements on what the soundtrack of the third season is going to be, but hopefully they will keep on featuring exciting upcoming artists such as 070Shake. If you are still not over the new episodes of On the Block and can’t wait for season 3, go to our article on the best tracks from the second season.