Did BoJack Horseman’s clown dentists steal Pennywise’s thunder?

Rabid clowns with dentistry tools > It

This weekend, two unbearably creepy clown phenomena were unleashed on the viewing public. One was Pennywise the clown, the shapeshifting villain of the box office-breaking It, which has just had the best opening weekend for any horror film ever (and for any film ever released in September). The other was the bunch of clown-dentists and dentist-clowns who went rabid in the brand new season of BoJack Horseman – and in certain circles, these guys are the only thing anyone wants to talk about.

In episode 8 of BoJack season 4, Todd devises a terrible new business with Mr. Peanutbutter: a dentistry practice where all the dentists are also clowns, to make kids’ trips to the dentist more fun. Todd inadvisably decides to hire both clowns and dentists, and let them train one another, housing the practice in Princess Carolyn’s apartment. Towards the end of the season, after the business inevitably fails, Todd is forced to dissolve the troupe, sending the ‘clentists’ into the woods, where they contract rabies. Realising that the rabid clentists are now triply terrifying beings, he uses them to encourage demotivated runners into actually doing some exercise, and turns his failure into a success.

Ostensibly there was no reason for the clown-dentists in the season, other than being silly, but in the process they leavened the weighty themes of depression, anxiety and dementia that season 4 centred on. And on social media, the clentists went down so well that people are comparing them to It‘s Pennywise.

Good luck sleeping tonight!