Lifetime biopic car-crash ‘Britney Ever After’ – The harshest and funniest Twitter reactions

The US network Lifetime has made several cruddy biopics in its time, like 2011’s Will & Kate: The Movie, a corny dramatisation of the relationship between the royal couple, and 2014’s The Brittany Murphy Story, which was criticised for its ham-fisted dramatisation of her death. But the same year’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B is the most notoriously rubbish of the lot. In its D– review, The A.V. Club wrote: “Shipp’s performance is inoffensive, but no more than that, and what little of Aaliyah’s music makes it to the final film does so in the form of tinny covers that do Aaliyah’s musical legacy no favours.”

The same could probably be said for Britney Ever After, the madly inaccurate and unflattering portrait of one of music’s contemporary legends, Britney Spears. The cast look nothing like their real-life counterparts, the costumes are all over the shop, and it generally looks like it was made on a budget of about £32. But don’t just take our word for it – listen to the issues cited by fans who watched it live on Saturday (February 18).

1. There were more errors than you could count


2. Britney didn’t even look like Britney

2. And JT didn’t look like JT

(This is their JT, by the way, in their N*Sync)

3. They ruined her MTV VMA 2000 performance


4. Even the outfits were inaccurate

5. It was full of horrendous crap

6. But after a while it just became laughable

7. It was hella cheap

8. There wasn’t nearly enough Britney music

9. The big question, though, is this: