Check out these exclusive first look pictures of Steve and Dustin’s newfound bromance in Stranger Things Season 3

It’s (almost) back, baby!

It seems like we’ve been waiting decades for the third season of Stranger Things. Netflix’s nostalgic sci-fi show delighted when it was released in 2016, and the follow up second season was equally excellent. But now it’s been over eighteen months since we last saw Eleven and the gang, and we’ve been getting antsy.

But now finally we’ve only got a few days to wait, and to tide you over to July 4, when we’ll be able to return Hawkins. And to get us through agonising wait NME can exclusively share with you some pictures from the third season.

One of the highlights of season two was Steve and Dustin’s budding bromance throughout. Who could forget Steve giving Dustin advice on how to do his hair, when Steve helped dispatch Dustin’s cute-pet-turned-evil-Demodog Dart, and Steve gradually becoming the older brother Dustin never had. And it looks like we can expect a whole load more capers from the iconic duo.

Want to know more? Well take a look at the exclusive pictures below.

Working as a waiter in an… ice cream bar?

It looks like the lads will be hanging out in an ice cream store a fair bit in the next season. And by the look of Steve’s uniform (and name badge), it’s probably because he works there!

Cream of the crop

And while Steve is scooping the ice cream, looks like Dustin is just enjoying chowing down on the stuff.

Who are they talking to?

Looks like they’re getting a stern telling off here – but by who?


On a mission

Exclusive Stranger things photos

Looks like the boys are up to some super, secret spy business here. We can’t wait for the third series to start