This explosive ‘Friends’ theory will change the way you watch the show forever

Friends has been absent from TV screens for over 13 years now, but that doesn’t mean fans have stopped caring about the impossibly popular US sitcom. A recent fan theory tied it in with the rise of Starbucks (‘cos of all that coffee, yeah), and one suggested that the show was just a figment of imagination from Phoebe’s brain. Ok then.

But for the last few days, Twitter has been awash with Friends chat again – despite the actual end of the world creeping ever closer.


It started a couple days back when Juliet Mushens sparked a pretty intense debate about the worst TV plotlines in recent memory. Hers? The Rachel/Joey love story that blossomed in Season 8 and rumbled through to the final Season 10.

Now, Twitter user and writer @kaneandgriffin has responded with a lengthy thread with the theory: maybe Rachel and Joey were actually the couple who were meant to be, and Ross was kind of a dick. Well, less of a theory and more of a series of incredibly astute observations. In a 100-long thread, they break down the entire plotline – but we’ve highlighted a few crucial sections below. Buckle in, it’s a long but satisfying ride.

Here they begin by making the obvious point; that Joey and Rachel were better friends than Ross and Rachel ever were. Ross, meanwhile, always lusted after Rachel.


First point, made well. But this is just kicking off…

Again, point two superbly made. Then they go on to discuss the negative impact Rachel and Ross had on each other and compares that to Joey, who happily lived with Rachel and her new-born daughter, Emma.

Y’know, what? Joey and Rachel not being together at the end of Friends might just be one of the show’s greatest injustices.

If that’s whetted your appetite for some more Ross-bashing – read the entire 100-tweet thread here. But for now, we can only hope for an even more controversial thread.