‘Friends From College’ might be getting a critical mauling – but its soundtrack will give you serious ’90s nostalgia

Worth it for the music

Growing up is rubbish. You don’t really need to be told that though, do you? Whatever age you are, moving further and further away from your halcyon days are objectively shit. You can do your best to keep that fire going as long as possible, but eventually, it burns out. You get real old, real fast.

That, in all it’s pessimistic essence, is what Friends From College is all about. The new Netflix show, featuring Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders and Annie Parisse, sees a group of er, friends from college, reunite 20 years later, as their lives sort of spiral out of control. It’s had a bit of a mauling from critics – The Atlantic called it a tragedy – but there’s one undeniable redeeming factor about the show; the soundtrack.

As you can imagine, reuniting 20 years on puts the height of their college days during the mid-90s, so the show has included a whole host of banging ‘90s tunes to make you feel all fuzzy and nostalgic, as well as some modern-day bangers to keep you on your toes. Oasis? Of course they’re in there. Hanson? Obviously. Pavement? You betcha! Here, then, is the most glorious TV soundtrack of the year thus far in a nifty little playlist.

Friends From College – Netflix Soundtrack

Friends From College soundtrack (Netflix).