Which Game of Thrones couple are you and your partner?

You may not think of Game of Thrones as a particularly romantic TV show – in fact, Thrones alumnus Ian McShane once described it simply as “tits and dragons” – but that doesn’t mean the relationships in the show are completely fantastical or skin-deep. It’s the opposite, in fact: the show has fleshed out many different kinds of relationships over its six seasons to date, from codependent narcissists to crushingly introverted sweethearts, and everything in between. Now, seeing as Valentine’s Day’s upon us, and everyone’s talking about how in love they are, why not undermine all that by finding out which partnership of flawed Westerosi weirdos your relationship resembles most? You can find out in our quiz below:

If you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll have got one of the following 12 results: Ned & Catelyn, Ramsay & Myranda, Cersei & Jaime, Loras & Renly, Robb & Talisa, Daario & Daenerys, Jon & Ygritte, Sam & Gilly, Stannis & Melisandre, Daenerys & Drogo, Oberyn & Ellaria, or – our favourites – the not-yet couple Brienne & Tormund. Don’t be offended by whatever result you get given – it is only a game after all. But do let us know what you get in the comments, and whether you think it’s accurate. And after that, check out everything we know about Game of Thrones season 7.