A fan-made trailer imagines Game of Thrones if it were set in the modern day

Let's call it Game of Phones

Game of Thrones season 8 may be as much as 18 months away, but following the season 7 finale on Sunday (August 27) an anonymous fan has produced a trailer for a far-future Westeros sequel called Westeros: The Series that will get you in the mood for something very different to the Game of Thrones we know and love.

We already know HBO are working on four possible prequel ideas to fill the Thrones gap that will inevitably follow the end of the final season, but this new idea has a lot of merit too. Mixing the atmosphere of Thrones with glossy contemporary shows like Mr Robot and House of Cards, it gives an idea of what it’d be like if the medieval elements of Westeros were swapped with modern paraphernalia.

It’s got riot gear, grandstanding campaign speeches and skyscrapers – but it also mixes in elements of Thrones. There’s The Wall, beneath which a wintry road runs; house sigils are held aloft in enormous protests; direwolves step out of limousines; and of course there’s a well-groomed blue-eyed dude showing off a clean-cut version of the White Walker threat. Check it out below:

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