Game of Thrones: What is the Night King’s actual plan?

These fans reckon they've cracked the case

Spoilers follow for all Game of Thrones episodes to date.

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As information begins to roll in about Game of Thrones season 8, fans are beginning to debate the possible plotlines for the six remaining episodes in the series, and one of the key questions is: what exactly is the Night King planning? Could invading Westeros and turning the entirety of it into a wintry haven for the undead really be his mission? Here’s what fans are thinking as alternatives.

1. He wants to reach The God’s Eye – to be cured

Several different Redditors have suggested that The Night King wants to reach The God’s Eye – the largest lake in Westeros, which contains a very significant place known as the Isle of Faces.

The Isle of Faces was where the pact between the Children of the Forest and the First Men was made. It’s filled with the weirwood trees Bran loves so much, it’s hidden by mist and it’s got such an ominous reputation that most people avoid it. It’s quite possible that some Children of the Forest remain there and no one in Westeros knows it – because few people ever go there.

One theory by Redditor Dajalu84 suggests the Night King knows where the Children are, and he wants them to undo the magic they inflicted on him, bringing an end to the Great War.

2. He wants to reach The God’s Eye – and wreak havoc

The God’s Eye shows up in many theories because of the many passing references we’ve had to it over the seasons. Unlike in the previous theory, Redditor DrackkGoT suggests the Night King is going there to destroy his creators, reasoning that the Night King is obsessed with the Isle of Faces and keeps making corpse-patterns resembling it: “the symbol they make is an eye, surrounded by faces on sticks. The only corpse left untouched is a child stuck to a tree. Remind you of anyone? It’s the Children of the Forest on the Isle of Faces in the middle of God’s Eye Lake. The message they are trying to send Man is ‘We are coming for the CoTF, we know you used to be allies of them, don’t stand in our way.'”

Meanwhile, Redditor TWVer thinks a huge battle will occur above the God’s Eye, recalling a historic battle in the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons.

3. He just wants to destroy all the people, starting with King’s Landing

This is the most straightforward plan: the Night King just wants everyone to die, starting in the most populous region of Westeros – King’s Landing. But is that a good motivation for a villain? Not really.

Still, there’s some evidence that this is where he’s heading, and not the God’s Eye. We’ve seen Daenerys’ visions of the interior of the Throne room in King’s Landing being covered in snow.

Redditor ClipboardJesus12 makes a pretty compelling case for this option, writing: “King’s Landing is the only part of Westeros that any fan really gives a shit about… Any other location just seems like it would be a random choice and the fans wouldn’t understand the significance or the scale of it… I just think they are going to want a scene at a major location where the White Walkers will flex their muscles and I think King’s Landing is the obvious and best choice.”

What do you reckon? What is the Night King planning for season 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.