Game of Thrones’ Shame Lady Is Back In A Sweary New Advert With The Mountain

Game of Thrones viewers might have thought they’d seen the last of Shame Lady (aka Septa Unella) when Cersei left her tied up in a room with the deformed, undead Ser Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) as revenge for the way Unella had humiliated Cersei at the end of season five. It looked like something terrible was going to happen to one or both of them as Cersei shut the door. But, as we wait for Game of Thrones season 7, we get to see both of them back in rude health for a sweary new advert – the slogan being ‘Fuck plastic bottles’. It’s one that may keep you guessing for a long while: what is it actually for?

It’s for the fluid-carbonating kitchen gadget Sodastream! Course it is. But it’s also got a strong environmental slant too, apparently – the Mountain’s passionate call to save Mother Earth lists environmental treasures like peanuts and Matthew McConaughey. Weirdly enough, the writers of the ad have also created a whole backstory for the two characters, inventing a romantic history for what happened when Unella met Gregor:

Possibly weirdest of all is this picture, which actually does make the advert look like a kind of romcom.

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The big question, really, is if Tormund and Brienne will get this treatment next.