Who is Sabine? Is Elodie’s crush in ‘Trinkets’ a real singer?

Fans are wondering if Sabine is a real musician.

Fans of the Netflix teen series, Trinkets, have been wondering if Elodie’s crush, the singer Sabine who performs at fictional Portland music spot, Paper Tiger, is a real musician or just an actor.

Well, the answer is she’s a bit of both. Sabine herself isn’t a real artist but the actress who plays her, Kat Cunningham is.

She goes by Kat Cunning IRL and fans of her music will be pleased to hear that the song ‘King of Shadow’ that she performs in the show, is a real Kat Cunning track that you can stream right here.

King of Shadow

King of Shadow, a song by Kat Cunning on Spotify

What else is on the Trinkets soundtrack?

Music plays a big part in the show, with the girls – Elodie, Tabitha and Moe – even singing along to St. Vincent’s ‘Fast Slow Disco’ while committing grand theft auto.

Elodie also gets more-excited-than-anyone-has-ever-been to spot the bassist from Future Islands – William Cashion – at Sabine and Luka’s party and alongside this, there are a ton of indie bangers played throughout the series including tracks from Metric, The xx, Snail Mail, U.S. Girls, Tirzah and culminating with Sharon Van Etten‘s utterly perfect, ‘Seventeen’.

Liked what you heard while following the lives of these little shoplifters? Then listen to the full soundtrack below.


Music from the Netflix Original Series – Trinkets. Now Streaming. Only on Netflix.