The Kardashians just went full Black Mirror

Scary family gets even scarier.

Half the fun of watching Black Mirror is imagining how far off we are from the dystopian plots becoming a reality. But what if some of the storylines had already come true?

As if watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn’t terrifying enough, the most recent delve into the family’s life was something straight out of Charlie Brooker’s nightmares.

Season 14, episode 12 saw Kris Jenner morph into Arkangel’s psycho-stalker parent. Upset at her 82-year-old mother Mary Jo’s failure to answer one of her 75 phone calls a day, Kris decided to take matters into her own hands by, y’know, bugging her.

Tricking the unassuming OAP, Kris gave her mother a gift of some insoles that were said to “give really good arch support”. Little did Mary-Jo know, that her daughter had in fact inserted a tracking device into her shoes to follow her every move.

Much to our disappointment, the moment where Kris caught her mum having sex and snorting powders off a Bridge table failed to arrive before a caught-out Jenner was forced to fess up to her bizarre behaviour.

On learning of her daughter’s sneaking, Mary-Jo didn’t seem overly bothered but did tell Kris she should “feel a little bit creepy about putting things in my shoe”.


It got us wondering about that video game Kanye made about his deceased mother: was her spirit actually trapped inside the matrix? Was it actually just a virtual Kim that dated all those reprobates before finding her one true match?

Whatever’s going on in Calabasas, it’s a lot more sinister than Kris Jenner’s failure to age. Charlie Brooker, take note: there’s a season’s worth of material right here.