7 things we learned from Kathleen Zellner’s Making A Murderer Q&A

Steven Avery's tenacious lawyer cleared up some questions we were left with after Making A Murderer, part two via Twitter.

1. Teresa Halbach’s ex-boyfriend had no alibi

Or rather, he may have done but nobody bothered to ask him for one. “Just another example of how sloppy the initial investigation was,” says Zellner.

2. Cell phone pings placed Bobby Dassey in a different location to his testimony

3. Zellner isn’t giving up any time soon


The next significant movement in Steven Avery’s case will be on December 20 when Zellner files her brief with the Wisconsin Appellate Court.

4. Lily Allen is a fan!

Check her out, wading in on the #AskZellner Q&A below.

5. They still haven’t been able to test that parking light


6. Bobby Dassey may have been offered a deal in order to talk

Otherwise why would he not have been locked up for all the pornographic images of young girls, bestiality and tortured women on his computer?

7. They found eight sets of fingerprints in Teresa’s car

And not one could be linked to Brendan or Steven.