Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 15: release date, storylines and eveything we can expect

Love 'em or loathe 'em, Kris Jenner's offspring are returning to your TV screens soon and there's bound to be drama aplenty. Here's what we know already about series 15.

When does Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 15 air in the UK?

The season 15 release date is currently billed as August 6th 2018. The UK usually receive episodes a week later than the US, unless you have a Now TV subscription, which allows you to simulcast with the US.

Has there been a KUWTK season 15 trailer?

Yes, this teaser trailer was released on June 8th. Check it out below.


Followed by this incredibly annoying slightly-longer trailer.

Why is Kim talking like that?

What storylines will play out in Season 15?

So many! A lot has changed in Calabasas since the last series. A lot…

There’s a new addition to the West family

Baby Chicago West was born to Kim and Kanye, via surrogate, on Jan 15 2018. The end of season 14 saw Kim struggling to get excited about the new baby’s arrival: on a shopping trip with Khloe for the new baby, she ended up filling her basket with presents for North.  We expect to see how Kim bonds with ‘Chi’, her first child by surrogate.

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Sometimes we all need hugs ❤️

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Kylie gives birth and reveals her secret to the world


Unlike with the other Kardashian pregnancies, fans missed out on an episode that ‘revealed’ Kylie’s pregnancy or showed her telling the family. IRL, Kylie announced the birth of her daughter Stormi Webster, with rapper Travis Scott, on Instagram after nine months of keeping fans guessing while season 14 was still airing in the UK. The final episode saw Kylie and Khloe comparing bumps with Kim’s surrogate. We imagine Kylie will address her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret in this season and fans may even get to see Kylie give birth to baby Stormi.

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happy birthday North & P.. ?

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Khloe gives birth to True Thompson – and deals with Tristian cheating

Poor ol’ Khloe. After years of being hopelessly in love with troubled ex-husband  Lamar Odom, she finally moved on and met her supposed dream man, basketball player Tristian Thompson, but it turned out he’s a wrong’un as well. Season 14 saw Khloe announce that finally – after years of wanting a baby – she was pregnant. And what better time than in sync with two of her sisters! Since last season wrapped, footage was leaked IRL that showed Tristian Thompson motorboting girls in clubs and leaving a hotel with one lady in particular who he’d seemingly been holed up with for 24 hours. Just a couple of days later, the couple’s baby girl True Thompson was born. Amidst all the cheating rumours, Khloe remained tight-lipped on her partner’s infidelity but took to Instagram to celebrate her baby girl’s birth by posting this sweet message. Signs that she’s forgiven Tristian? Only season 15 will tell.

Yeezy’s back

Family West have been through a lot in recent years. The traumatic events around Kim’s Paris robbery were a lot for the family to deal with. Viewers saw Kim struggle with being in the public eye in the months that followed and Kanye has since revealed that that incident was one of things that caused his mental breakdown, or as he refers to it, ‘breakthrough’. In April of this year, after a period of quiet, Kanye returned to Twitter to announce he was working on five new albums: Pusha T’s album, ‘Daytona’, his long-awaited eighth studio album ‘ye’, a Kid Cudi collab record called ‘Kids See Ghosts‘, a new NAS record out on June 15 and Teyana Taylor’s new album out on June 22. All of them contain just seven tracks and judging by what we’ve heard so far, will get a mixed reception. While Kanye has never been a main feature in KUWTK, we hope we see some of Ye in this period where he throws himself back into work and opens up about his recent mental health issues. Will the series take us to his ‘ye’ listening party in Wyoming? Will it cover the fallout from his controversial slavery comments at TMZ? Will it show Kim’s reaction to his Trump-supporting tweets? Or will Kanye keep clear of the cameras altogether?

Kim, er, gets someone freed from prison

Who’d have thought we’d see KKW in the White House. After hearing the plight of Alice Johnson on Twitter – a grandmother who was arrested on a non-violent drug charge and imprisoned for 20 years – Kim decided she needed to act. The most famous of the Kardashian sisters took it straight to the top, appealing to Ivanka Trump to get an audience with her father. Miraculously, or because it’s just really great PR, after a meeting with Kim, Trump agreed to grant Alice Johnson clemency resulting in her release from prison. Imagine seeing actual footage of this scene, which is straight out of Black Mirror. Terrifying.

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Dafuq is going on

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How can I watch Keeping Up The Kardashians season 15?

As always, it will be aired first on E! on Sunday nights. The UK receives episodes a week later than the US. Watch this space for further news on the date of the upcoming series.