Las Chicas Del Cable interview: stars of Spain’s first Netflix Original series discuss “seductive” new show

Las Chicas Del Cable, the first Netflix Original series from Spain, is set in 1928 Madrid and centres on a group of four girls from very different backgrounds who work there as 'cable girls'. NME spoke to Blanca Suárez, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández and Maggie Civantos about the show’s "seductive" sets and why it’s not a traditional Spanish show. 

What’s the dynamic like between your characters?

Blanca Suárez: “I belong to a group of friends, and we say we share the same parents, but then we are very different people. We have very different tastes and live different lives, but we complement each other. I think this is what happened to these four girls, we are very different between us, each one of us comes from a different place with different life objectives, and opposite personalities but they fit together and help each other.”
Maggie Civantos: “They have a dream in common that makes them need each other in order to achieve it. The four characters are very different – my character spends a long time working in the company and when the other three girls join the company something happens that unites them. We were sort of lovestruck with each other, sort of like a couple is, or a good friend. All of the sudden you see yourself reflected in someone else’s eyes and you say “we have a long road ahead together”. That’s what happens to these four characters, and they start helping each other as if they were childhood friends. I think it’s beautiful, because there is a need to support each other in order to grow.”

It’s the first Spanish Netflix show. What do you think it says about Spain?


Nadia de Santiago: “The show is set in Spain, but it is very international. It’s in the 1920’s but it could be the ‘20s in any other cities. And though it is set in the 1920s, we don’t really discuss politics of the decade. It’s not about what’s happening in Spain historically.”
Blanca Suárez: “It’s not a traditional Spanish series. It’s not about the typical Spanish culture. It’s about people and their stories – very international stories that could easily be set in London, Paris, Berlin.”
Nadia de Santiago: “It’s about human relationships.”

Cable Girls

But do you think Madrid provides an additional flavour to the show? Is the city important to the characters?

Maggie Civantos: “Yes, in fact there is a key moment in the show when the girls are at work and they have to connect with the rest of the world. The feeling you get when you are in Madrid and you are able to connect with someone in the US or in Paris is amazing. I don’t want to spoil much of the show but there are key moments in the show where these national barriers are crossed.”

What was your favourite place to shoot?

Nadia de Santiago and Maggie Civantos: “The Bar!”
Nadia de Santiago: “The Bar is very seductive.”
Blanca Suárez: “There are many exterior locations in the series, and the decoration is incredible. The Bar is a key location, as it’s right in front of the telephone company where all the workers meet after a long day at work, to drink their vermouth or beer. It’s an amazing place and it really takes you back to the ‘20s.”


Which Spanish TV shows should we be watching at the moment?

Blanca Suárez: There are many historical series about Spanish history such as Isabel la Católica, Hispania. There are very special shows.
Ana Fernández: “But soon we’ll have Las Chicas del Cable! That one is going to be the best by far.”