Relive Stranger Things 2’s best moments with this awesome Lego supercut

Merry Christmas

The hugely anticipated second season of Stranger Things was awash with nostalgic pop-culture references, from Ghostbusters to St Elmo’s Fire. Now, just in time for Christmas, Bookshelf Productions has added a meta (and even more nostalgic) layer of Lego to proceedings by recreating significant moments from the series with the iconic childhood toy.

Playing out in chronological order from season 2, the five-minute précis opens with the season’s opening on Halloween, as Lucas, Mike, Will and Dustin have their photos taken in costume as Ghostbusters. Later on in the clip we see Steve eating KFC with Barb’s parents; David Harbour’s dad dance, which became an incredible meme; Joyce, David and Bob piecing together Will’s map; Max being forced off her skateboard by a vengeful Eleven; and, of course, Eleven and Hopper confronting the Mindflayer.

In other Stranger Things news, the Netflix show has been nominated for four prizes at the 2018 SAG Awards. Following the cast’s win in the Ensemble Drama Series category at the 2017 edition of the awards, Winona Ryder went viral for the faces she pulled during David Harbour’s victory speech. This year, the show’s cast are up for the same award, while Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is up for Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor in a Drama Series, and David Harbour (Jim Hopper) is up for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor. The show has also been nominated for the Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series category, against Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead