Who is the Riverdale’s man in the black hood?

Season two is here, and even more dramatic

Spoilers for season two of Riverdale ahead

Just when you thought that Riverdale couldn’t get any more dramatic, the season two premier saw the teenage-Twin Peaks return in the most explosive way possible: with another murder.

The end of season one left us with a tangle of loose ends: the biggest being the shooting of Fred Andrews by a masked man (or, the man in the black hood), begging the questions: is Fred Andrews alive? And who was that person in a black hood that shot him?

But after months of theorising over what happened, season two brought good news, revealing that Fred was going to survive after the attempt on his life. So all was well…for at least a matter of minutes, until there was another murder: and this time it was Ms Grundy’s time to go.

At the end of the episode we see music teacher Ms Grundy murdered by a man in a black hood, which is almost certainly the same person who shot Fred Andrews. You don’t see much of this masked man, just the fact he has green eyes and could be middle aged (due to a few grey hairs), so who is he? And what connection is there between his victims?

Here are the best fan theories as to who the hooded man is.

Ms Grundy’s ex-husband?

Music teacher Ms Grundy was key in season one, with the story of her illicit romance with teenage student (and show hero) Archie Andrews spanning across the season. She eventually got sent away to a neighbouring town when teachers, and Archie’s parents, got wind of the (highly illegal) relationship; and that was the last we saw of her, until she was murdered by the man in the hood in season two. During her tryst with young Archie, she revealed that she had an abusive ex-husband, and she moved to Riverdale and changed her name to get away from him. What if Grundy’s ex-husband, wanting revenge for this relationship, first tried to kill Archie (and ended up shooting his Dad instead), and then murdered Ms Grundy?

The Black Hood?

One thing that Archie does when asked about the man in a “black mask” who killed his father is specify it was a “hood”, not a “mask”. Is this small detail going to turn out to be crucially important?

Riverdale is based on the Archie comics and the characters in them, but Archie Comics have several comics that feature characters outside of the Riverdale bubble: one of them being Black Hood. Black Hood is a mysterious vigilante, who takes to the streets to fight crime, and his hood is very similar to the hood worn by the murderer in Riverdale. What if Black Hood was making a crossover into Riverdale – killing Ms Grundy as revenge for her relationships with her young students? It doesn’t explain the shooting of Fred Andrews – but could there be something in his past that the hood wants revenge for?

A hitman hired by Hiram Lodge?

Even his own daughter Veronica thought this might be the case! Hiram has reason to dislike Fred Andrews (after his wife’s relationship with him), so the corrupt prison inmate could have hired a hitman from jail to take him out, before his return to Riverdale. As for Ms Grundy? Now that Veronica is in a relationship with Archie, perhaps he was just protecting his daughter’s new bae?

Someone hired by Hermione Lodge

Now that her husband was returning from prison – what if she wanted Fred out of the way before her husband got back, so hired a hitman to take him out, but again, how does this explain Ms Grundy?

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A member of the Blossom family

Given that there’s only two of the core Blossom family left – this could be unlikely: but the entire family never like Fred Andrews, so they could have hired somebody to take him out. It was also implied that Ms Grundy took advantage of the teenage Jason Blossom, so her murder could well be revenge. We know that the Blossom family is ruthless (the mystery of season one, who killed Jason Blossom, was resolved when we found out that it was in fact his father Clifford Blossom that murdered him), so it wouldn’t be out of character.

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The Southside Serpents

Fred Andrews did fire all of them all when they were working for him, so the motive for killing Fred is fairly obvious. It wouldn’t explain Ms Grundy’s murder though – unless they just wanted to protect the young students of Riverdale after it was revealed she was having another relationship with one of her pupils.