Marvel’s ‘The InHumans’: Everything You Need To Know, Including Release Dates, Characters and More

Big comic book news! A TV show about the Marvel characters The Inhumans has been announced. Here's what you need to know.

WTF is an ‘Inhuman’?

It seems, reader, you are not a Marvel superfan. To be fair, the Inhumans aren’t exactly the best-known characters from the comic book powerhouse. They were introduced in an issue of Fantastic Four in 1965, and were awarded their own publication in 1975. Here’s the story: the Kree (a fictional race that crops up in Guardians of the Galaxy) were mucking about, doing experiments on early Man, and got a bored and forgot about it. You know who didn’t forget about it? The Inhumans, the species created by these experiments. When an Inhuman hits puberty, it’s exposed to a ‘mutagenic vapour’ and gets its superpower. Although the term ‘Inhuman’ refers to the entirely of this species, the comics focus on its royal family.

Any characters to look out for?

Black Bolt is the boss, an especially powerful Inhuman. His wife Medusa has hair that can be used as a weapon (fun/vaguely troubling fact: she’s also his cousin. Well, royals like to keep it in the family). Maximus is Black Bolt’s slightly crackers, though very intelligent, cousin. Medusa’s younger sister Crystal can manipulate earth, wind and fire – not the pop band; they bow to no-one – and there’s also a big dog called Lockjaw. He can teleport. Weirdly, he doesn’t regularly  teleport himself to the passenger seat of a moving car with the window open, which as everyone knows is every dog’s favourite place to be.

So, what’s the deal with the TV  show?

It’ll air on the cable channel ABC next autumn. In a strange twist of fate, the first two episodes will be aired worldwide in IMAX cinemas, presumably in a bid to maximise hype around the show. There’s a been a film rumoured for ages, but Marvel pulled it from its movie release schedule a few months ago. Curiously, it’s only a few weeks since Marvel Studios president said the movie might still happen. So, who knows, you might still get your big screen Inhumans fix beyond those two episodes – but don’t put bets on it, even Marvel’s original plan was to release a movie about these characters in November 2018, before it was out back to July 2019.


Haven’t I seen the Inhuman in onscreen before?

Ah, very good. Perhaps you’re more of a Marvel fan than we first thought. Yes, that’s right, the Inhumans cropped up on series two of the TV show Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. Some claimed this fact had caused the Inhumans to lose their slated movie, as it meant the characters would be tied up in Agents of SHIELD. Well, the announcement of their own TV show seems to have put paid to the reasoning behind that theory, even if the outcome may be the same.

Has anyone been cast?

Not yet. Besides Black Bolt, even the names of characters who’ll feature have not been revealed at this early stage. Keep ’em peeled.

Is there a trailer?

There isn’t. Be patient.

Anything else we know?

There are, mercifully, a few nuggets of information floating about out there. The full series will be eight episodes long, and will be filmed with IMAX cameras, so should be looking well lush. We also know that The Inhumans will not be a spin-off from Agents of SHIELD, and some commentators reckon it’s unlikely to acknowledge the events from that show. Marvel’s release schedule currently has a gap between March and May 2019Captain Marvel and the fourth Avengers film are, respectively, slated for those months – so hopeful, faithful fans are hanging onto the possibility that an Inhumans movie could come out then. Either way, we’ll soon get to know these characters very well indeed.