Mika was a guest judge on X Factor and loads of people didn’t know who he was


The first thing that comes to mind when anyone says the word ‘Mika’ is the leapfrogging chorus of his 2007 UK Number One ‘Grace Kelly’. But over the weekend (October 22), Mika’s name didn’t even ring that bell for a lot of X Factor viewers when he was brought in as a guest judge.

Before it was announced he’d be guesting on the show, helping Louis sort through his category – the boys – the build-up to his reveal was huge. Louis said: “This person sold 10 million copies with their first album, he was number 1 in 10 countries. He is a great songwriter. I am really excited and I’m really happy to introduce you to… Mika!”

At this point confusion broke out on Twitter: some viewers had no idea who Mika was:

Others suspected the boys actually being judged by Mika on the show didn’t either.

Some Twitter users mistook him for Radio 1’s Grimmy:

But there were plenty of Twitter users backing him up too, one mentioning that he released a new single last Friday (called ‘It’s My House’, if you’re interested):

He may have faded somewhat from the UK’s public consciousness, but fans pointed out he still enjoys continued fame in Europe.

This may be partially thanks to his stints as a judge on Italian and French talent shows:

Impressively, Mika actually speaks French and Italian on these shows, too – look:

Anyway, some X Factor UK fans think he did such a good job on the show that he should replace Louis Walsh: