Why narrator Iain Stirling is the real winner of Love Island

Move over Kem and Amber, Iain is everybody’s real favourite

Later today the winner of Love Island will be crowned. After six weeks of the contestants competing in challenges and prancing about in swimwear for the general public’s amusement, the UK is set to vote on which couple they think is the most in love. The winners will get the prestigious ‘Love Island champion’ accolade, and £50,000; but as the crowns are placed on their head, we the audience know that there’s only one true winner of Love Island: and that’s Iain Stirling, aka the show’s Scottish narrator.

He’s enchanting the shows millions of viewers, with his witty one-liners, and obsession with contestant Mike Thalassitis.

From episode one, to the final tonight, Iain has been there with us: making pithy comments, and taking the piss of the contestants.

The 29-year-old comedian and presenter from Edinburgh was a familiar face on CBBC, before graduating to start narrating Love Island in 2015. Now in his third season, it’s impossible to imagine the show without him.

And not only does he make us laugh every evening, he also has absolute conviction that the winning couple will actually be in love.

Taking us through each episode, Iain is the ultimate storyteller. His on the nose humour is what’s attracted so many to the show: whether he’s telling it as it is (when a contestant threw his toys out the pram and angrily snacked Iain exclaimed: “Jonny’s got some pistachios, and you can’t have any!”) to his calling card for a certain therapist contestant (“Paging Doctor Marceeee-elllll), fans of the show know that Iain is the one who should really be wearing the Love Island champion crown.

And people are just as much fans of Iain as they are the show:

From his trademark opening of “Tonight, on Love Island”

To his unexplainable obsession with Romford:

Iain well and truly has a way with words:

And who could forget this musical masterpiece:

Some fans even want to sack off the contestants, and crown Iain the winning. Don’t we all.

And then he appeared on Love Island: The Reunion in the flesh, and Twitter exploded when it realised he was a bit of a looker.

All hail Iain Stirling, the real winner of Love Island.