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‘His Dark Materials’ episode 4 review: unexplained plot and patchy CGI make for the weakest episode so far

Texan aeronauts and ferocious polar bears do battle in the icy northern tundra.

‘Watchmen’ episode 6 review: Was Judd Crawford really a closet racist?

*Spoilers for 'Watchmen' episode six 'This Extraordinary Being'*.

The Politician season 2: Everything we know so far

Move over Donald, there’s a new lawmaker in town. This one might be even more ruthless, too. Uber-confident and slick as you like, Payton...

Jumping the shark – when did your favourite TV show go bad?

Sluggish starts, mid-season dips and terrible finales – they're all to blame for ruining telly

‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 episode 7 recap: the Whisperer mole is unmasked

Spoilers for 'Open Your Eyes' lie below...

‘Watchmen’ episode 5 review: will Dr. Manhattan ‘save’ Adrian Veidt?

*Spoilers for 'Watchmen' episode five 'Little Fear of Lightning'*

‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 episode 6 recap: Who did Eugene make radio contact with?

After numerous years of living among the undead, happening upon a new person(s) in The Walking Dead universe is something of a blessing and a...

‘Peaky Blinders’ season 6 – everything we know so far

What a time to be a Peaky Blinders fan. Season five just ended with a typically epic finale, we just enjoyed The Legitimate Peaky...