The burning questions we were left with after the Killing Eve finale

Season one spoilers ahead!

If you haven’t been watching Killing Eve on BBC 3, stop what you’re doing and go and binge-watch it immediately. The outrageously brilliant BBC America drama dropped all eight episodes Netflix-style onto the BBC3 iPlayer on Saturday (as well as going old school and showing an episode each week on BBC1), and the elaborate cat-and-mouse game between MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and psychopathic assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has basically been all Twitter has spoken about since.

And if you have spent some well deserved quality time with the show, you know there are a host of questions that the dramatic ending left you with. With season two confirmed and filming underway, here’s what we want answered in the next string of episodes.

What’s Eve going to do next? Will she ever return to MI6?

In the early episodes of the show after Eve is fired from MI6, the Head of the secret service’s Russia desk Carolyn sets up the “unofficial-official” unit that was looking into the string of assassinations by Villanelle. In the final episode, Eve is then fired from the secret investigation by Carolyn. So what’s she going to do next? Will Carolyn give her another job? Is Eve going to continue pursuing Villanelle on her own? Or is she just going to sack it all off and do something completely different (…probably not).

How badly injured is Villanelle?


In the final episode of season one, Eve and Villanelle’s mutual obsession reaches crisis point when Eve breaks into Villanelle’s apartment, and trashes the place. Later, as the two women lie on her bed you’re expecting them to kiss, that is until Eve stabs Villanelle in the stomach. Immediately regretting her decision Eve runs to find medical supplies, and in the seconds she’s away from the bedroom Villanelle flees (after shooting at Eve). That was the last we saw of her, so the question remains: how badly injured was she by the stab wound. Is it going to be a life and death situation, or is this just a flesh wound for the practised killer?

What’s Carolyn up to?

A woman of many secrets, throughout the first season you’re never entirely sure who’s side Carolyn is on. She’s the head of MI6’s Russia desk, yet set up the secret department Eve was working on, and had an affair with Konstantin (who was Villanelle’s handler, and appears to have been a member of the mysterious group The Twelve). So really, which side is Carolyn actually on? Is she a double agent, a triple agent, a member of The Twelve, or is she purely a very tactical member of MI6?

Is Konstantin actually dead?

Villanelle shot Konstantin in the stomach during the stand off at Cafe Radozhny. Later, Carolyn informs Eve that he’s died, but you never actually see the moment he passes. For a man who’s spent his life around assassins, you’d expect him to be a bit harder to kill, or to have been wearing a bulletproof vest; so we’re left to wonder, is he actually dead? Or did Carolyn just pretend he’d died to protect him?

Will Villanelle keep working for the Twelve?

Villanelle, or Oksana Astankova as we later learn she’s called, was a member of The Twelve, a mysterious organisation of assassins. Yet her cover has been blown and her identity unveiled, so can she keep working with the organisation? She’s proven she’s a brilliantly sly assassin; but with her true identity out there, can she continue in her line of work?

Is it over for Niko and Eve?

Eve’s practical, maths teacher husband lives a very different life to his wife, and throughout the series it starts to strain their relationship. In the finale Eve tells Villanelle: “I’ve lost two jobs, a husband and a best friend because of you,” so is it over for the couple?