This Rick & Morty fan theory suggests there’s a Council of Beths

It's like one of Morty’s Mind Blowers

Spoilers follow for Rick & Morty season 3, episode 9 – ‘The ABCs of Beth’.

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Rick and Morty is an animated series about the insanely dangerous adventures of a sociopathic scientist and his unintelligent grandson. DON’T EVEN TRIP BRO! New episodes air Sundays at 11:30pm on Adult Swim.

At the end of the most recent episode of Rick & Morty, Beth had something of a breakthrough: she realised she was no different to Rick, equalling him both in his immense intellectual potential and his disdain for the world. At this epiphany, Rick offered his super-smart daughter the opportunity to travel the multiverse, saying he could make a clone of her to fill her place while she was away.

He said the clone would “love and provide for the kids, do your job, and consume broadcast-network reality TV on the same allegedly ironic level as you. You could be gone a day, a week, or the rest of your life with zero consequences.”

To this, Beth replies: “I know what I want to do.”

That was it. Viewers have no way of knowing what choice Beth made – whether she wanted to go on intergalactic adventures or stay with her family – but fans are suggesting that if she did choose to leave, the logical conclusion is that a Council of Beths must exist in the same way the Council of Ricks does.

This is because Beth’s traumatic rediscovery of her childhood play area ‘Froopyland’ precipitated the conversation above, and Rick created Froopyland in every universe – in the episode he said: “You know why all Ricks made a Froopyland for all their little girls?” This means it’s likely that Beth’s ‘to-clone-or-not-to-clone’ decision exists in many of these realities too.

As Redditor Frigorifico writes: “Most Beths eventually discover their friend Tommy in there, and many of them will choose to leave and go where? Perhaps to explore the multiverse and be like Rick… and like Rick they form an alliance.”

What could this mean for the show? Well, in a future episode it’s not inconceivable that this unleashed Beth – or the entire ‘Council of Beths’ – will have some impact on the show’s plot, for good or ill.

Redditor Mtt30 writes: “I just want a episode in season 4 where Beth shows up and she’s battle-hardened with her own portal gun-like device, and advanced gadgets. Later, we find out she’s got her own Galactic Federation-type organization that wants her stuff, but she can’t take them down without daddy’s help.”

Another theorist suggests the Council of Beths will become a future villain: “We’ve seen now that she’s been challenging him from the jump, because she’s just like him. If she actually left and there’s a fucked-up council of Beths creating havoc that needs fixing, it’d make… sense for it to really challenge Rick, because he’s the reason why she’s so fucked up in the first place.”

Redditor Kadreigh, however, suggests that ‘our’ Beth is a one-off, and no other Beths in other realities ever had the breakthrough our one does in this episode: “I don’t think most Beths would discover their friend Tommy, and this Beth is an exception because our Rick is an exception. He led her to Froopyland to meet the adult Tommy but no other Rick would do such a thing for their Beth.”

What do you reckon? Are we gonna see a Council of Beths in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.