Rick and Morty just killed off this character and you didn’t even realise

“What is my purpose” “You pass butter”

Rick and Morty fans have been through a lot recently: the Szechuan sauce debacle, having to wait years for a third season, and now this: the quiet, untimely demise of Butter Bot.

Recently Adult Swim have been working with Old Spice to create a Rick and Morty themed advert, which is all fun and games, until one of the anthropomorphic cans of Old Spice eats poor Butter Bot. The advert shows Rick reading out the advert from his page of notes, whilst the Old Spice cans cause havoc, wrecking Morty’s room (whilst he berates Rick for “selling us out”) – and munching on robots.

Butter Bot was introduced as a minor character in season two of the show. In the episode ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes’, Rick creates the robot, whose only role is to pass the butter when the family is eating breakfast; but although the friendly robot only appeared in that one episode of the series, fans became fond of the kitchen helper.

So were understandably a bit gutted when they realised he’d been eaten by a big ol’ can of Old Spice:

RIP Butter Bot, we’ll think of you over our buttered toast each morning.