Has IMDb revealed a major Riverdale plot spoiler?

Riverdale spoilers ahead

Season 1 of Riverdale revolved around the murder mystery of who killed teen football star Jason Blossom, and after a series of melodramatic twists, the season finale saw the whodunit wrap up. For a few short minutes peace almost reigned over the town of Riverdale, until a masked gunman burst into a diner and shot Fred Andrews.

And in the break between seasons one and two, the question of who shot Fred Andrews was the one that dominated fan’s narrative. As the blame flicked between Hal Cooper or a member of the Lodge family or just about anybody else, was the answer right in front of us, in the form of a small casting detail on IMDb?

If you visit the IMDb page for the final episode of season one, Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter, you can see the entire cast list for the episode; but scroll down a bit and you come across this small nugget of information:

They’ve listed Canadian actor Jay Clift as the “Gunman”, AKA the person who shot Fred Andrews in the season finale – so does this mean they’ve accidentally half revealed who the masked man is played by?  Will he be joining the cast as a brand new character, who for some reason had a bone to pick with Fred Andrews?

It’s worth noting that in the cast list on IMDb for the first episode of season two, A Kiss Before Dying, the hooded figure that murdered music teacher Miss Grundy wasn’t listed, and Jay Clift isn’t listed in the cast list.

So does this mean that there were two different hooded figures and the murder of Miss Grundy was by a member of the cast that we already know? Or was Jay Clift just uncredited as they’re intentionally trying to keep the mystery up.

OR could Jay Clift just have played the gunman in the one episode as the writers hadn’t actually decided who the actual hooded figure would be, meaning we’re none the wiser on who it could be?

Having a new character be the killer would fit with Riverdale’s trend of a ridiculous number of twists and turns; but will it be too obvious when a new character turns up on screen that they’re connected?

Or are well just reading way too much into this and it’s just a random error on IMDb…