Riverdale’s Black Hood killer was revealed – but fans aren’t convinced

Spoilers ahead!

The second season of Riverdale has been dominated by the Black Hood and their attacks on the town; but the mid-season finale saw the identity of the killer being unveiled. After details were slowly revealed through the first nine episodes, in the latest instalment we finally saw the mask plucked from the mad murderers head, to reveal it was the school’s janitor, Joseph Svenson, all along.

Amateur sleuths Archie and Veronica discover that, when Svenson was a child, his whole family was killed by a serial killer called the Riverdale Reaper, but as a terrified kid when he was asked to identify the murderer and identified the wrong man – who was then killed by a lynch mob. As the Black Hood Svenson was allegedly trying to rid the town of Riverdale of evil by killing sinners – to make up for his actions as a child that caused the death of an innocent man.

But some things don’t quite add up. After the major plot twist of season one, when it was shown that Jason Blossom was murdered by his own father, this shock reveal is feeling more than a little anticlimactic. When speculating over who the culprit was, Svenson was often a name that came up expecting it to be just too obvious of a choice – which is why now fans aren’t convinced that the real black hood has been unveiled.

With many speculating that the real Black Hood will revealed later on in the series.

With Svenson potentially being blackmailed into admitting he was the killer, by the real culprit:

Or that there could actually be more than one Black Hood:

But one thing people seem fairly united in, is that the Black Hood’s reign of terror is far from over, and it certainly isn’t Svenson.

Just another day in Riverdale, the most dangerous town that side of Midsomer.