These ‘Riverdale’ fan theories are so crazy they could be true

A zombie apocalypse, multiple personality disorders and the worst possible case of mistaken identity

Warning: Riverdale spoilers!

Since it hit our screens earlier this year Riverdale has got fans wildly theorising. Based on the popular Archie Comics series, the show follows students at Riverdale High and their families as they deal with the mysterious killing of teenage football-star Jason Blossom, and navigate high school.

From a zombie apocalypse, to the murder being a simple case of mistaken identity, here are some of the craziest fan theories surrounding Riverdale.

Betty and Polly are the same person


One theory doing the rounds is that golden girl Betty and the pregnant Polly Cooper aren’t actually sisters, they’re the same person, and Betty has multiple personality disorder. People are citing episode three when Betty confronted football player Chuck Clayton over his slut shaming as an example of this, as she refers to herself as “Polly” (her “sister”) and Chuck as “Jason”. When questioned about it, Betty can’t remember what’s happened because she’s blacked out.

What if she’d blacked out before, and in a blackout had killed Jason when she was “Polly”, but now can’t remember the murder? This could be why Hal Cooper destroyed Sheriff Keller’s case files on the murder – as he knew what his daughter did, and wanted to protect her.

F.P. killed Jason Blossom

What if Jughead’s dad, F.P., killed Jason? Many theories online revolve around the fact that Jason Blossom and Archie Andrews look very similar (both redheads, both football players) and even more so at a distance, so could the murder have been a case of mistaken identity.

Could F.P. have killed Jason Blossom, thinking it was Archie? We’ve seen that there’s bad blood between F.P. and Archie Andrews’ father, Fred Andrews, due to Fred firing F.P. from his construction firm.

It’s evident that F.P. has a drinking problem, so in a state of drunken stupor, could he have shot Jason Blossom, thinking it was Archie Andrews, in retaliation for him losing his job?

Miss Grundy’s ex-husband mistakes Jason for Archie


In another case of mistaken identity, could it have been Miss Grundy’s abusive ex-husband who killed Jason Blossom?

It was revealed that Riverdale high’s ex-music teacher Miss Grundy had moved to Riverdale and assumed a new identity to escape her abusive ex-husband. What if the husband had tracked her down and found out about her affair with student Archie Andrews?

We know that both Archie Andrews and Miss Grundy were both at Sweetwater River on July 4th when Jason Blossom was killed, so could Grundy’s ex-husband have headed down to the river to kill Archie Andrews, and have got Jason Blossom instead?

Alice Cooper has supernatural powers and killed zombie Jason Blossom

Farfetched? Perhaps; but Reddit user PLX-One has thought out the theory. Could the Cooper family matriarch have supernatural powers? It’s been speculated that when the people who live in Riverdale say “crazy runs in that [the Cooper] family” that the “crazy” could actually mean something else. Instead, it could mean that witch’s blood runs in the family.

It’s a common theory already that Sabrina (the teenage witch), who will appear in the last episode of the series, will be Polly Cooper’s baby. This would mean Alice Cooper could have passed on the “witch’s blood” to her granddaughter Sabrina.

Could Alice Cooper have saved Jason Blossom’s life, after somebody else murdered and killed him, and resurrected him from the dead? Instead of him being alive and healthy again, something went wrong, and Jason was brought back as a zombie, so Alice had to kill Jason by shooting him. This could also explain why Hal Cooper stole Sheriff Keller’s case notes – as he didn’t want his wife to be tied to the murder.

The show will lead to an afterlife plot

One of the wildest theories is that Riverdale is actually heading towards an afterlife plot complete with zombie apocalypse.

Riverdale’s series developer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, also created the comic book Afterlife with Archie, which featured the Archie cast battling with a zombie apocalypse. This is a different take on the Archie universe, but there are some indicators that Riverdale could be heading in that direction…

Firstly, it’s been confirmed that the character of Sabrina Spellman (aka Sabrina the teenage witch) from the comic books will be featured in the last episode of the television series. In the Afterlife comic books, it’s Sabrina who causes the zombie apocalypse by trying to bring back Jughead’s pet Hot Dog when it’s killed, however the magic goes wrong and causes a zombie outbreak.

There’s also Cheryl Blossom’s (Jason Blossom’s twin sister) nightmare in Episode 5, which featured a zombie-like Jason. Is this a coincidence, or is it foreshadowing what’s to come? Additionally, when Jason’s body was discovered, there was a gunshot wound to the head, the traditional way of killing a zombie.

And finally there’s Dilton Doiley, the leader of the town’s Boy Scouts, who when asked why he was teaching the scouts survival skills, answered it was because of “the way this town is going”. Is he just melodramatic, or does he know that something is coming?

This theory would mean that Jason wasn’t killed by anybody with intent to murder him; he was instead killed due to being a zombie.

Words by Hannah Mylrea