Some people think Star Wars’ Porgs look tasty as f*ck

There's science behind the craving

Minor Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi below

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It was bound to happen. As the Star Wars franchise reboots itself for a new generation, introduces new characters, higher stakes and some controversial plot decisions – it also introduced one thing that had been missing from Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: new, divisive little creatures. George Lucas’ maligned prequel trilogy was stuffed with these walking merchandise opportunities, but the Jar Jar backlash seemed to have put the new team off the idea.

Until now. Enter, Porgs. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Chicken/Penguin hybrids inhabit the island Luke Skywalker had exiled himself to and just potter around, really. They add nothing to the plot but do offer some light relief throughout the film, and have already made out for a sold-out cuddly toy incarnation.

People are taking their affiliation with the creatures perhaps a little far, mind. Turns out, people actually want to eat them. Hell, in The Last Jedi Chewbacca cooked one and was guilt-tripped out of chowing down on it.

Turns out, there’s science behind why some people want turn Porgs into, ahem, Porg Chops. Speaking to The Verge, Professor Oriana R. Aragón, explained “there is a strong response to cuteness that involves the suggestion of eating the cute being”. You’re off the hook this time, you bunch of weirdos.

A Twitter poll suggest that actually, there’s a razor-thin minority who are in favour of not eating the furry little thing. So that’s reassuring, I guess.