The stars secretly watching Love Island

Jeremy Corybn wants you to vote for Marcel

At 9pm every evening there’s only one place that the entire British public seems to be – slouched on the couch in front of the telly, watching a dozen physically perfect specimens attempt to find love whilst living in a holiday villa in Mallorca. This is the premise for ITV2’s hit show Love Island, and it’s taken the country by storm.

Whilst some, like Gary Linekar, are unimpressed by the show:


Others are joining in the latest craze, and have become avid fans. Here’s a run down of the stars obsessed with the show.


Stormzy’s a new convert to the show this year; but has mixed feelings on on-again off-again couple Kem and Amber.


Adele announced that she watched the show with her husband in front of thousands at one of her Wembley gigs.

Liam Gallagher


Liam Gallagher revealed he was a fan of the reality show in an interview at Glastonbury. Speaking to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, when asked which acts he’d seen, he revealed: “I watched Dizzee Rascal’s set from my room yesterday, and then I watched Love Island” he said. “That’s where it’s at. That’s what goes on man.”

Nick Frost

The Shaun of the Dead star has become invested in the show – particularly in the romance between shy posh girl Camilla Thurlow, and snake Jonny Mitchell.

Alex Brooker

Comedian Alex Brooker is another who’s well and truly invested in the “Jamilla” drama.

Professor Green

Professor Green has become a fan of Love Island, tweeting as he watches, and was dead chuffed when he got a mention.

The rapper also humorously addressed the comparisons of him looking like one of the ex-contestants, Craig Lawson.

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I'm a disgusting human being ??

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Blazin Squad

Well this is one you’d expect – as contestant Marcel has wasted no time in telling the rest of the villa that he used to be in the boy band 14 years ago. The rest of the gang have wasted no time getting behind their boy and supporting him during his time in the villa.

Jeremy Corbyn

Not technically a musician; but speaking to the Tab he showed of impressive knowledge of the show, saying: “I haven’t been watching it, but I’d advise that Marcel needs a vote.”