Did you spot this tear-jerking detail in Stranger Things 2?


Stranger Things 2 was an emotional rollercoaster. From Eleven and Mike’s reunion to poor Dustin with his fancy new hair getting rejected at the dance – if you didn’t shed a single tear during the 9 episodes, you’re probably on the Mind Flayer’s side you bloody monster.

So there were some obvious emotional moments as mentioned above, but it was Chief Jim Hopper who came up with the show’s biggest tearjerker this series. But you’d be forgiven for missing it, though. It’s an insane detail that we all missed first time round, but the internet hasn’t.

In season one we learn about Hopper’s backstory and about his daughter, Sara , who died of cancer as a child. Several flashbacks show Hopper with his daughter before and during her illness. In the first, she wears a blue ribbon in her hair but during her chemotherapy, Hopper wears it on his wrist.

After her death Hopper continues to wear it on his wrist, as a tribute to his daughter. In Stranger Things 2, however, Eleven and Hopper become incredibly close as he protects her from enemies trying to recapture her. The pair fall out, and Eleven runs away to meet Kali – a test subject also from the lab, but eventually they reconvene and all is well. It’s in the show’s last scenes, at the Snow Ball, that the ribbon is seen again – but on Eleven’s wrist. See the pic below (via Reddit) for all the scenes that the ribbon appears in.

(image by keulenshwinger on Reddit)

Nothing gets past The Duffer Brothers, does it?