All the new plot hints from the Stranger Things 2 teasers

Nine new dialogue clips have just come out on Instagram

Stranger Things 2 is just three months away, and a new trailer is expected to be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con this evening (July 22). Ahead of that, the show’s Instagram account has been building up the hype with a series of clips that suggest where the plot might head in the new season. Below you’ll find all of the clips, along with some quick storyline refreshers and suggestions of what it might all mean…

1. “It was almost human – but it wasn’t!” – Joyce

The nightmare is not over. #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: At the end of Stranger Things season 1, Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper entered the Upside Down to retrieve her son Will. After the happy ending played out, we saw Will cough up a slug-like creature in the bathroom, and we can expect this to lead to the events of Stranger Things season 2. Exactly what Joyce is talking about here, though, is hard to say.
What can it mean? Joyce is probably talking about a new kind of creature here – something different to the Demagorgon (which she has already encountered, and which doesn’t look very human at all).

2. “You ever feel cursed?” – Hopper

The Upside Down is not done with Hopper. #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Police chief Hopper has a sad story: his daughter died of cancer and he later divorced his wife and moved to Hawkins, Indiana. He drinks a lot and takes prescription meds, and then Stranger Things happened.
What can it mean? Presumably Hopper is just talking about his bad luck here – but perhaps he’s suggesting some malevolent force is responsible for it, and maybe that’s something we’ll encounter in season 2.

3. “She’s gonna come home someday” – Terry, Jane’s mother

What ever happened to baby Jane? #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: In Stranger Things we learned that a secret government project (MKUltra) had monitored pregnant women who had extensively used psychoactive drugs, and then taken babies they believed might resultantly have special abilities. It was strongly suggested that one called Jane had grown up to be Eleven. Jane had been taken from her mother Terry at a young age, and her mother was left in a fragile mental state.
What can it mean? A reunion between Terry and her presumed daughter, Eleven, perhaps?

4. “The Gate… I opened it!” – Eleven

And it has not been shut. #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Eleven was responsible for creating an opening between the Upside Down and the ‘normal’ world, after her cruel father-figure Dr Brenner forced her to explore the other world and make contact with what later became the Demagorgon. Brenner had wanted to use the Upside Down as a way to spy on the USA’s enemies.
What can it mean? Eleven feels responsible for opening the ‘gate’ that the Demagorgon came through – and presumably something much worse is about to come through it.

5. “It’s not my boy. It’s not Will!” – Joyce

What’s happening to Will? #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Everything seemed fine when Will returned home to live with Joyce and Jonathan Byers, but something about him was different, and he later coughed up that slug in the bathroom.
What can it mean? Something weird is happening with Will, and it’s going to be noticeable enough that Joyce will pick up on it. In season 1 nobody believed her when she said her son had been taken and was still alive; perhaps at the start of season 2, nobody will believe her when she says something is wrong with him.

6. “She saved us. But she’s gone now” – Mike

She saved them, but who will save her? #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Eleven sacrificed herself in the fight against the Demagorgon, disappearing into the Upside Down with it and seeming to close the ‘gate’.
What can it mean? We know Eleven is back in the new series – but at this point, it sounds like Mike has given up hope of seeing her again, so perhaps we won’t be seeing her for the first couple of episodes.

7. “It got me. The Demagorgon” – Will

Will it ever let go? #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: This is essentially the plot of season 1 in a nutshell: Will Byers was abducted by the Demagorgon and taken to the Upside Down. Now he’s back, but something happened there that changed him.
What can it mean? It’s likely that there’s some kind of connection between the Demagorgon and Will now. “Will it ever let go?” asks Netflix’s teaser.

8. “Maybe Will was in the wrong place at the wrong time” – Hopper

It will all make sense soon. #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Will was first taken by the Demagorgon while cycling outside the Project MKUltra facility, where the Demagorgon came through Eleven’s ‘Gate’. That was chance. But if he gets attacked again? That sounds like fate.
What can it mean? Presumably the Demagorgon – or something worse – will find Will in season 2. Hopper’s words here make it sound like he’s being hunted.

9. “Imagine all the other cool stuff she can do!” – Dustin

You think you know, but you have no idea. #StrangerThings2

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Storyline refresher: Eleven has awesome telekinetic powers. We’ve seen her do some cool things – flip cars, make bullies wet their own pants – but it sounds like that’s only the start.
What can it mean? Eleven’s powers are growing: if we can judge it by Dustin’s excitement, she’s going to be even more awesome in season 2.

We’re likely to see a full trailer later today (July 22) when the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con takes place. Keep an eye out…