Why Stranger Things’ David Harbour is the absolute king of the Internet

He'll star in your yearbook photos

When it comes to the internet, David Harbour is the hero we need. The Stranger Things star has the best Insta game, an abundance of viral Tweets and several memes to his name. Here’s why he’s the undisputed king of the world wide web.

He keeps his promises – with excellent results

Last year a fan Tweeted Harbour asking how many retweets she’d need to get for him to appear in her senior yearbook photos with her. Harbour responded saying 25k, and that he’d have to be able to hold a trombone.


And did the Internet just laugh at his witty riposte and let it lie? Absolutely not, the tweet racked up the thousands of retweets needed to reach the target.

Always gracious, Harbour kept up his end of the bargain, and starred in what could be the best series of yearbook photos ever.

He never learns

After he racked up 25,000 retweets mad quickly last time, you would have thought Harbour would have learned the power of the Internet. So when Ericka sent an innocent tweet asking what it’d take to get David Harbour to officiate at her wedding, you’d have thought he’d pick a massive number. Instead, he went for 125k, well within reach.

And within 24 hours the target had been achieved. Try going for a cool mil next time.

He’s totally meme-able


Remember when his excellent Dad dancing in series two of Stranger Things went viral? And then was edited to have a series of absolute bangers playing in the background?

Or what about when Harbour donned a bonkers Christmas jumper, and the Internet went a bit mad with it:

We are truly blessed.

His Instagram is basically a Joe Keery fan page

Being the pure, angelic pal that Harbour is, his social media accounts regularly feature him bigging up his Stranger Things co-stars; but nobody features across his Insta more than Joe Keery. Sharing their friendship:

Behind the scenes snaps:

And comparisons of the two:

He literally used Instagram to find somebody to go to the Stranger Things premier instead of him

When David Harbour couldn’t make it to the season two premier of Stranger Things, he decided that a fan should take his place.

Fans had to do their best Chief Hopper impersonation, and they were in a chance of winning. And as previously discussed, David keeps his promises, so two fans of the show enjoyed the evening instead of him.

God bless you David Harbour, we truly don’t deserve you.