How The Letdown became the most relatable comedy of the year

Here's why you should be watching the parenting comedy

Although The Letdown was initially released late last year, the Aussie comedy has now reached the screens of millions of binge-watchers after being picked up by Netflix. Following new mother Audrey (the permanently excellent Alison Bell) and her baby Stevie, it explores the brutal reality of being a mum to a newborn, from the euphoric highs to the hysterical lows – and not scrimping on all the unfortunate bodily functions that come between them. Whether you’re raising a child yourself, or just on the hunt for a new favourite comedy, here’s why you should be watching.

It doesn’t shy away from the very real effects having a child has on your body

In the first episode Audrey and long-time partner Jeremy try to spend some much need alone-time together, but when they try to seal the deal, they find it’s not as easy as it was in their pre-baby life. Be it the breast milk leakage or haemorrhoid pain – and of course the interruptions from a wailing baby – suddenly the couple have to factor a host of new variables into their sex life. This, coupled with Alison’s brilliant portrayal of Audrey, make it wickedly funny – but it’s also a change to see a real depiction of the effects motherhood will have on your body.

In fact, it doesn’t shy away from anything

Whether it’s your pals politely persuading you to leave their birthday celebration early because you brought the baby along and she wouldn’t stop crying, or your partner referring to looking after his own child as baby-sitting, The Letdown casts a spotlight over the good, bad and ugly of rearing a child.


Alison Bell is the outrageously brilliant

The co-creator and lead actor shines every moment she’s on-screen. Whether it’s when she turns up to her mother’s group and gives an emotional speech only to realise she’s left baby Stevie outside, or in the first episode when she’s forced to take her newborn home on the bus in tears after a disastrous birthday meal for a pal, Bell’s comic timing and emotional range is untouchable.

It’s genuinely, properly hilarious

Rarely is there a moment on telly that you’ll properly cackle at, but within the first few minutes of The Letdown you’ll find yourself doing just that. The opening scene of the series sees Audrey napping in her car, when a drug dealer knocks on the window. He tries to make Audrey move from the spot she’s parked in because it’s ruining his business, but unwilling to start the car and wake up the baby she’s only just got to sleep, she starts to barter with the dealer and offers to buy drugs. Their interaction is witty and warm – something that continues throughout the series – and it’s the first of many moments that’ll make you properly laugh out loud.

Series one of The Letdown is now available on Netflix.