The Politician season 2: Everything we know so far

Payton for president!

Move over Donald, there’s a new lawmaker in town. This one might be even more ruthless, too. Uber-confident and slick as you like, Payton Hobart, played by Ben Platt, took us on a thrilling campaign journey in The Politician season one. From tear-jerking Joni Mitchell covers to rabble-rousing speeches, Payton showed everyone how to hold an audience’s attention – including ours. We’d vote for him twice, if we could.

Sadly, it didn’t go all Payton’s way in the end and season one ended with a bittersweet victory, failed romance and a shocking loss of wealth. The finale gave us a sneak peek at where the story might go, but what does The Politician season 2 have in store for our well-dressed clique of power-hungry politicos?

When will The Politician season 2 start shooting?

Things move quickly at Netflix Towers, so it’s no surprise to hear production begins  on October 2019. Get ready for another election cycle, if you’re not totally sick of them…

When will The Politician season 2 be on Netflix?

As yet, we don’t know, but it’s definitely coming. Netflix ordered two seasons of the teen drama right off the bat which is almost unheard of for the streaming giant. Obviously, when you’ve got the pedigree Ryan Murphy has, you can get pretty much whatever you want.

What’s going to happen in The Politician season 2?

If you’ve not finished the first season yet, then look away now. The following manifesto contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

In the finale’s curveball time-hop, we saw Payton as an alcoholic – studying at NYU by day, singing sad songs in dive bars by night. He looked in bad shape. But luckily, the gang convinced him to chuck in the booze and run for state senate instead! His opponent? The wily Dede Standish (Judith Light) and her bulldog campaign advisor Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler). Dede’s run unopposed at the last few elections, but she’s hiding a secret Payton hopes to exploit…

Presumably, the second season will follow our fledgling statesman on the campaign trail. Vote for Payton!

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Lucy Boynton (who plays Payton’s arch-nemesis Astrid) spoke of her expectations for season two.

“You know [Season two is] gonna be so different from Season one. It has to be, it’s Ryan,” she began. “The game will definitely change. High school rules don’t apply anymore, so to see how they adapt to that will be really interesting.”

Ben Platt was also keen to air his thoughts, confirming “season two will follow that election”. He added: “I would love to see what a ‘healthy’ actual human relationship might do for Payton, like a romantic one.” Could this mean Hobart will finally get over his ex Alice and meet the one? Probably not, but whatever happens, it’s bound to be scandalous!

How many seasons will there be?

The original plan was for five lots of episodes, each with their own different campaign race. Does this mean season five will culminate with the presidential election? We’re unsure, but President Payton has a lovely ring to it…

It pays to be wary though, as Netflix has cancelled a fair few of its most high profile series recently (The OA, Tuca & Bertie). The Politician, as we know, boasts a big budget and spent lavishly on its all-star cast. If it doesn’t bring in the punters by season three, don’t be surprised if the axe falls.

Which cast members will return?

If you watched the finale, you’ll know it’s pretty much impossible to carry on the story without season one’s main characters. Besides, if The Politician was originally commissioned for two series, you’d expect the cast had to sign up for both.

The Politician is streaming on Netflix now