‘The Society’ season 2: will there be a new series of the dystopian teen drama?

The cliffhanger ending to the Netflix series has us hoping for series two.

At first glance, The Society appears to be just another Netflix teen drama but delve in and you’ll find the dystopian plot is a vehicle to debate themes of corporal punishment, democracy, religion, domestic abuse and why you should never ignore a bad smell. After binging series one, you might be wondering if and when we’ll get another series of The Society and find out how Allie, Campbell and co. will survive the winter, whether Sam and Grizz will get it together and how Campbell is going to get his revenge on Elle. Here’s everything we know so far about season two of The Society.

Will there be another series of The Society?

It’s yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix but showrunner Chris Keyser has spoken to a couple of media outlets about his hopes for future series:


In an interview with Indiewire, he said: “New Ham under new leadership, that’s not very stable because it’s a triumvirate of three people, none of who trust anyone else in that triumvirate. How that’s going to work and whether they will work together or will begin to undermine each other, we don’t know.”

He continued: “They’re going to need to begin to produce their own food. Food means agriculture and that’s uncertain. What stories might come out of a successful planting season or an unsuccessful planting season?

“We have not yet dealt with what happens when sickness or injury happens. There are all kinds of pressures that are going to be placed on a community like that that we haven’t explored yet.”

And to Metro.co.uk, he revealed: “We don’t have it all worked out, but we have lots of ideas of where we want to go.” And on plans of a series renewal by Netflix, he shared: “We’re on our own personal cliff-hanger right now. But I hope so”

Some fans are speculating that the series could potentially run for many series to come, like Lost or The Walking Dead but Chris did confirm they already have an end in mind and they know where they want it to go.

Which of the cast are on board for series two?

We’d hope, a lot of them. So many stories were left unresolved at the end of series one that any big cast departures ahead of a second series would potentially leave a lot of stories with unsatisfactory endings. We know Kathryn Newton (Allie) has a busy schedule, starring in the second series of Big Little Lies and in the new Detective Pikachu movie.


Watch this space for cast announcements.

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What questions do we want answered in The Society: season two?

Who will rule New Ham?

The series ended with Allie and Will in custody. Lexie, Harry and Campbell are in charge but will they manage to agree and rule with any kind of order? Or will any sense of rule crumble due to opposing views?

What did that ending mean?

The final scene saw the dog that Elle adopted and was there at Cassandra’s shooting, back in an alternate world. In this scene,  Cassandra and Allie’s mum is reading the story of Peter Pan – crucially the part where the parents return to the nursery and find the missing children asleep, once again, in their beds – to a group of young children. On the wall behind her is an ‘In Memorium’ placard, showing the names of every child in New Ham. It is clear from this that there is an alternate universe where their parents are missing their children. Does the presence of the dog suggest there’s a way to cross between the worlds? or in a Woof-like twist, could the dog be the bus driver?

Where is Pfeiffer the bus driver?

The bus driver who led the children out of town, was discovered to be the same guy who claimed he knew how to remove the mysterious smell from West Ham. Some documentation found by Sam suggested that he had managed to do this but then was refused payment by Campbell and Sam’s dad. As revenge, did he lead the children into a isolated universe? And does he have any plans to bring them back?

How will Elle finally be rid of Campbell?

Series one saw Elle back in Campbell’s clutches, pretending once again to be happy about their reunion. It won’t be long before he turns on her again but with Allie in custody, who will help Elle escape? Or will she have to attempt to kill him again?

Will Sam and Grizz be together?

Things were looking more hopeful before Grizz set off on his expedition but does Sam have it in him to let Becca down now that the baby is here? It’s a confusing plotline as it seemed he could still be there for her and the baby, while also being openly gay. Only time will tell what’s in store for Grizz and Sam’s relationship.

Who is the real father of Becca’s baby?

Both the character and the actor have revealed they know who Becca’s baby daddy is, but who knows if we’ll find out any time soon. Our bets are that it’s pretty significant, or she wouldn’t be so afraid for it to be known.

What caused the smell?

A bad curry? Some blocked drains? Right now, we have no idea about what caused the smell, only that it really hummed and doesn’t exist in New Ham.

The Society series one is currently on Netflix.