Ugh! Watch Tom Hardy grunt 73 times in 40 seconds in this ‘Taboo’ supercut

He's at it again

If, like us, have been hooked on Tom Hardy’s latest TV escapade – the gritty and, frankly, baffling Taboo – we’re going to assume that you’ve also been reaching for the remote every few minutes. Not just because it’s a gripping piece of drama, but because of Hardy’s muffled dialogue as 19th century gangster James Delaney.

Falling somewhere between Gangs Of New York‘s Bill The Butcher and Eastenders Danny Dyer, Hardy’s also revived his habit of grunting his way through scenes in lieu of saying actual words, making him only partially more legible than he was as Bane in The Dark Knight Returns back in 2012.

If you haven’t seen any of Taboo and are desperate to catch up with Hardy’s latest vocal gymnastics, then you’re in the right place – YouTube users flypiefilms have cut together all 73 grunts from the first five episodes in this brief 40-second video. But to those have been watching the show in real-time, we get a grunt approximately every 3 minutes. Far less enraging.


We’re guessing that Hardy will drop the grunts while he reads us a bedtime stories this Valentine’s eve, though.