How to throw a damn fine ‘Twin Peaks’ viewing party

Make David Lynch proud

It’s only two days until the premiere of Twin Peaks season 3 and the end of a 26 year wait for new episodes. It’s been tough, but we’ve all got through it and now we expect you’ll want to celebrate. What better way than hosting your very own Twin Peaks viewing party? Here’s how to make it a damn fine event.

What to eat

It’s important to get this bit right – you don’t want your guests chowing down on any old thing. Of course, no Twin Peaks marathon would be complete without a steaming slice of delicious cherry pie (with whipped cream, obviously). So check this recipe out and get baking.

While that’s in the oven, nip down to Dunkin’ Donuts and pick up an extra-large box of the doughy treats. Be sure to mix up the flavours – Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman love all kinds. That’ll keep your guests ticking over until it’s pie time.

What to drink

Come on. Really?

What to wear

You wouldn’t rock up to a regular party in your pyjamas, so why should a Twin Peaks-themed shindig be any different? Pick your favourite character and get stuck in to the dressing up box. We’d suggest one of the more recognisable outfits, like Shelly’s waitress uniform, but you can always raid your granny’s wardrobe for knitwear if you fancy being the Log Lady. Oh, and don’t forget the log.  If you want to make an exhibition of yourself then go full BOB – ratty wig, your dad’s denim jacket, unshaven and plenty of dirt on the face. Better practice your ‘I’m gonna motherflippin’ murder you’ face too.

How to decorate

Try recreating one of the famous sets from the show. That means chess pieces and fake spiders for Windom Earle’s cabin. Pile donuts around the place to mimic Sherrif Truman’s Police Station. Tie a load of red blankets as makeshift curtains for The Black Lodge. Every party should have it’s own handmade ‘Welcome to Twin Peaks’ sign too.

Who to invite

You’ve obviously spent more than two decades planning this party so you don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry gorging on your sumptuous banquet. Select your guest list carefully. No talkers, no loud-eaters and definitely no first-time watchers. Let them off if they haven’t seen prequel film Fire Walk With Me. It sucked a bit. If you’re struggling to find others willing to stay up until 2am for the live simulcast then relax the rules a bit. Twin Peaks is a communal joy. Plus you’re bound to need help deciphering the meanings behind those weird dream scenes.

Twin Peaks returns Monday at 2am on Sky Atlantic. There will be a repeat on Tuesday at 9pm.