You could spend almost 40 hours watching Twin Peaks for free – and here’s why you should

We're going to need some more coffee

1 day 15 hours 10 minutes – that’s how long it’d take to watch every single episode of Twin Peaks. And we all know it’d be a totally worthwhile way to spend a lazy weekend. Returning in 2017 after a 26 year break – we’re now finally getting an answer to all those cliff hangers from the first two series of David Lynch’s eerie cult classic – which initially aired in 1990.

And if you want the perfect excuse to watch, NOW TV are offering a free 14-day trial. That means you could the entirety of Twin Peaks so far – that’s the original two seasons and the current one we’re midway through – 8 times (I mean, if you didn’t sleep). Sounds like the dream? Well, as long as you haven’t subscribed to NOW TV’s services before you’re eligible for a totally free fortnightly trial.

Need another reason to indulge in the weird and wonderful series? Let us persuade you – here’s why you should be watching the show…

Because David Lynch is a hero


There’s no way around it – David Lynch is an absolute ledge. ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Mulholland Drive’; he’s directed and written some of the best films ever – but sadly he’s been a bit awol from the movie business recently – so this is the perfect way to get your Lynch fix whilst we wait for his next block buster.

Because you need your next proper tv series to spend hours watching

Looking for your next TV show to invest some serious time in? Want something that’ll leave you thinking and delving into countless fan theories and discussions? Just need an edgy and clever TV show to say you watch to impress your next bae? Well look no further – Twin Peaks is the one. It’s intricate plot lines and elegant story arches are proper clever TV – and it’s actually good fun to watch.

Because it’ll change the way you think about coffee

Dale Cooper, the handsome detective and hero of the show, is the ultimate coffee enthusiast.

Like, a proper coffee fan.


And if you’ve watched Twin Peaks you will now forever associate coffee with the show.

Because you’re already a Riverdale fan and you need something else to dig your teeth into

Riverdale has been daubed the “teenage Twin Peaks” ever since it appeared on screens in January as there several key similarities: the murder mystery, the hints at supernatural elements, the trademark cinematography. So if you enjoyed Riverdale, or you like the ideas behind the show and want something a bit more grown up – try Twin Peaks.

Because of Michael Cera’s mental Marlon Brando impression

No explanation needed – just watch it: