Twitter’s spontaneous Rick & Morty joke will restore your faith in the internet

There's nothing like a spontaneous internet joke

The beginnings of this Twitter joke aren’t particularly amazing – it’s basically pointing out that ‘Rick and Morty‘ and ‘rigormortis’ have a few consonants and vowel sounds in common. No: what makes it hilarious and great is the improbable, impromptu continuation of the joke’s basic premise by a legion of strangers. It’s a display of how the internet can work cooperatively to be funny and silly, and it’s simultaneously a renouncement of Twitter’s modus operandi – you know the one, where everyone descends into entrenched, irreconcilable positions of debate based around dull, inflexible beliefs. This is the opposite of that: reading it is like watching Twitter suddenly deciding to play Duck, Duck, Goose.

It begins with a single tweet, which on its own is essentially a homophone.

Then, in this Twitter relay race, a stranger picks up the baton. And then another one does.

Suddenly the joke turns Twitter into an irrepressible tag-team.

The joke peaks around here.

Ricky Martin scores highly.

At this point the joke begins to turn frail and old, as do all good jokes.

The end. Now wasn’t that nice?