Dave Chappelle Just Expertly Spoofed ‘The Walking Dead’ With The Help Of Some Old Characters

In dark times like these, America, and the world, needs a bit of laughter. Though Kate McKinnon did turn in a sobering reminder of both the US election result and Leonard Cohen‘s sad death on Saturday Night Live, some life-affirming cheer was also on the cards, and who better to provide it than the elusive but legendary comedian Dave Chappelle.

Since The Chappelle Show ended years ago, he’s been reluctant to revisit the characters from the timeless skits, and as a result they seldom feature at his rare public appearances. On SNL though, he brought back six of them in spectacular fashion during a spoof of The Walking Dead’s brutal return a few weeks back. Negan gets a dressing down by player hater Silky Johnson, Chappelle’s wheels out his Lil Jon impression to perfection, and notorious crack addict Tyrone Biggums somehow gives a kind of moving monologue about Trump’s America. – and where we go from here. A timely and hilarious return, then.

Watch the skit in full below.

Walking Dead Chappelle’s Show – SNL

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