Want to stream Game of Thrones for free? Binge your heart out with this totally legal two-week trial

If you planned it carefully, you could get through all 62 episodes to date in a fortnight – for free

Everyone’s talking about Game of Thrones right now, because Game of Thrones season 7 has just begun, and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s really quite popular. If you’ve never seen it before, and you’re feeling left out of conversations, and all that’s stopping you is the price of a box set, then this is your chance: you could catch up right now, for free, thanks to a two-week free trial of NOW TV. The only requirement to getting the free trial is that you’ve not been a NOW TV subscriber in the past. If that applies to you, you can redeem the offer by clicking the link below.

Watch now: Game of Thrones with NOW TV 14-day free trial

The NOW TV library contains every single episode of Game of Thrones to date, with new episodes added for UK users at 2am on the Monday after they air in the US. This means you can stream the new episodes online while they’re being broadcast on Sky Atlantic. The next one is season 7 episode 3, The Queen’s Justice, which will be available on NOW TV in the UK from 2am on July 31.


Using maths, we’ve worked out that if you’re very behind and want to catch up on all 62 episodes for free within the two-week free trial period, you’d have to watch 4-5 episodes per day. Students: this is the plan for you.

For everyone else, this is still a great opportunity to discover what Thrones is all about, even if you don’t manage to finish the whole series in 14 days. If you don’t manage it in a fortnight, you can carry on watching for just £6.99 with a month-long entertainment pass on the same service.

Once you have your pass, you can watch all of Game of Thrones you want, whenever you want – live or on catch-up. Enjoy!